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BallBag Face Mask

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After a huge number of requests I'm finally very happy to introduce the new Ballbag Face Mask. 

Specifically designed to fit snuggly round the nose and mouth. Handmade in the UK using skin safe silicone. It's super soft and stretchy and will fit almost any face. The BallBag Face Mask will spread happiness and joy wherever you wear it. 

Message me for any special requirements or variation in skin tone and I will do my best to help out.

They are currently being made to order so please be aware that there may be a slight wait on delivery during busier periods.

***DISCLAIMER*** This is not a medical mask - it is made from rubber silicone which is not a breathable material. The air can get in and out at the sides of the mask but I wouldn't advise wearing it for extended periods of time. It is made as a gag product for fun and lols!



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